Jayde Farms motto says it all… We didn’t create cannabis; we’re simply stewards tending to our crops in the most responsible way possible. The byproduct is bringing to market some of the greatest flower, with heavy THC levels and superb terpene profiles.

Quality over quantity

Jayde Farms foundation starts with a soil growing base, clean feeding regimen, and rigorous water filtration cycles. To complete this process we use a 100% pesticide-free solution to protect our crops. The technology we invest in focuses on environmental controls to produce clean air, sanitation, humidity and temperature control.

Our curing process is where the magic of the aroma, flavor and colors come full circle. This is a critical step where crops can go bad if not monitored and tended to properly. It is commonplace for commercial growers to expedite this process to get their product on the shelves quicker. Like all other areas, we have chosen to cut no corners with our curing process, which includes devoting the necessary amount of time needed for the ideal cure.

Like a high-end whiskey, scotch or wine, you could buy the most expensive bottle and you may not like it. It’s important to us that you know more about the actual strains, and what you like about them. Jayde was founded because we see a missing piece to the Michigan marketplace and that is the prevalence of great cannabis. Similar to a fine wine or a smoky scotch, as you become more engrained with the cannabis lifestyle you may find your taste changing. In food we find the best flavors exist when the product was raised ethically, planted organically and kept GMO-free. And, let’s face it, the producers that strive for quality over quantity achieve this. As a culture we have educated ourselves on the importance of natural products, and we at Jayde are on a mission to do the same for the cannabis market.

Who We Serve

Jayde Farms is devoted to serving our customers, our community, and very excited to play our role in keeping and bringing jobs Michigan. We believe cannabis can be the industry that helps us recover from the automotive crisis that left many of our cities and residents holding the bill. We want to provide jobs for young people who are passionate to learn the cannabis industry as well as those who are retired and would like a part-time income. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and the reason we’re driven to provide an alternative to the “commercialized cannabis” that so many people are walking away from.