Exclusive & Top-Shelf

Jayde Farms brings highly sought-after and exotic strains to the marketplace. We conduct immense amounts of R&D to ensure we provide only elite phenos when selecting a new strain. Our master grower has developed his own custom feeding regimen from an organic-blend process that enables our flower to reach maximum weight and resin production, but more importantly, preserving the rich flavor that every connoisseur is after.

Our Mission

Jayde Farms is driven to produce the best Cannabis in the Michigan market. Whether you are a connoisseur, or a novice, just “dipping your toes in the water”, you will enjoy our dense bud structure with vibrant colors and the aromatic experience you get with top-shelf product. Our master grower’s focus is solely on quality over quantity, and his ability to perfect the feeding and watering regimen has resulted in some of Michigan’s most premium flower.

Current Roster

The strains that have been harvested and produced for distribution to retail locations.


Snow Dayz

Dirty Little Secret

Next Harvest

Our selected strains that are currently growing for our next featured set on deck.

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